Mazda Miata NA Racing Hood with Duct for V8/V6

$ 410.00 USD

Product Details

90-97 Mazda N/A Miata fiberglass V6 and V8 conversion race hood with large air intake. Same as our N/A lightweight hood but with a bigger bulge to accept the V6 and V8 engine conversions.Hood bulge measurements are 2 1/4 deep and 19 inches wide. Made for those who want the lightest hood possible, 8 lbs with headlight cutouts and 9 lbs without. Hand laid fiberglass with white gelcoat. Frame nutcerted and reinforced to accept OEM hinges.Will not accept front oem hood latch. Sold with or without headlight covers.7 to 10 day shipping. We ship worldwide. This is a special hood for Mazda Miata NA cars that have done the conversion to a bigger V8 or V6 motor. As you know, the bigger engine will not fit under the OEM hood so we created this hood for you. This hood has a cutout for cold air intake but does not include cutouts for headlights. We do have a version of this hood that has the headlights without the air duct. Recommended for racing/track purposes. Weight: 9 Lbs. Uses OEM hood arms but has no provisions for hood latch. Must use hood pins.